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ZDT's was designed with families in mind! Attractions are geared to entertain a wide age-range, from toddlers to teens and everyone in between. There's something here for everyone - even Mom and Dad can play!

ZDT's Amusement Park opening day 2007

Opening Day 

In March 2007, ZDT's first opened its doors as Seguin's only Family Entertainment Center with five indoor attractions - all in one building. Because the destination was designed for families,  it was decided that it should be named after family! The name comes from the three children of the park's owners: Zac, Danielle, and Tiffany. 


Child riding the Parachute Drop tower at ZDT's Amusement Park with his hands up

Initial Growth

Since opening day, ZDT's has been growing at a rapid pace! Just one year after opening, GoKarts were added to the Amusement Center's lineup of attractions. The following two years, five more attractions were added to the park. This pattern of development has continued ever since, with additions and improvements being made year after year. In 2010, ZDT's again expanded its offerings with the park's first water ride - the Mad Raft Water Coaster!


ZDT's Amusement Park overview highlighting Switchback roller coaster.

First Rollercoaster

Most recently, ZDT's has invested in their largest attraction yet - Switchback! This roller coaster is unique in many ways, having been custom designed specifically for the park. The ride navigates through and around buildings with many exciting airtime moments, culminating in a Grand Spike that sends riders to a record-breaking, near-vertical angle!

Switchback's Namesake

Switchback is the first modern wooden shuttle coaster ever to be built, and derives it's name from an 1884 ride that many consider to be the first roller coaster in America - Switchback Railway (which was itself named after the Mauch Chunk Switchback Railway, a coal-mining train turned tourist attraction in 1827). At 6 miles per hour, this ride was the first step in a historic evolution of entertainment!

Switchback Theming

The theme of Switchback at ZDT's also celebrates the history of the property on which the park is built with its locomotive-themed train cars! The park grounds were once an agricultural and grocery center containing within the block of land everything from grain silos to meat processing. In fact, all of the buildings in the park were remodeled from their original purposes instead of being torn down and rebuilt. The silo climb, for example, is a climbing wall built on the facade of the silos that once stored the grain of local farmers. The indoor section of the GoKarts runs through the warehouses in which that grain was processed, where you can see hanging above you some of the original equipment used for this process. The main building of the park was once a grocery center that would have stored and readied the finished product for sale. The walkway to the water park is built atop the old train tracks which were used to transport that product to other areas, and an original Santa Fe executive train car still sits along this walkway in part to commemorate this history. 

Donhauser family, owners and operators of ZDT's Amusement Park. From left to right: Zac Donhauser, Tiffany Donhauser, Sarah Donhauser, Danielle Donhauser, and Danny Donhauser


Today, the Donhauser family still owns and operates ZDT's Amusement Park as a family. You may see them around the park, at the front counter, or even operating a ride - be sure to say hello!