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Wednesday July 17, 2024
Party Room Time:
Park Hours:

Non-refundable deposit due at booking:
The remaining party balance will be paid on the day of the party based on party attendance, with a minimum of 8. This deposit will be applied towards the cost of the party.

Party Details

What type of party are you having?

What is the name of the birthday child?

How old will they be turning?

What is the name of the team?

What sport or activity?

What is the name of the company?

What is the party celebrating?

Base Party Rate:


  • 1) Unlimited Wristband / Person Valid for the entire operating day - includes all video games, rides, and attractions.
  • 1) Medium Drink / Person
Note: All kids ages 3-15 must be included in the party package. Adults (16+) are free to enter the park to watch, or can be added to your party at the same rate if you wish to include them for rides, attractions, and video games. Children ages 2 and under are also free to enter the park, or can be included in the party package at the same rate if they are at least 36" tall.

Estimated Number of Participants:

Note: This is just a rough estimate, the number does not have to be exact. You will only be charged for those who show up to the party and participate, with at least the minimum of 8. Include all children (Ages 3-15) and adults who you would like to include in rides and/or video games. Adults who are not participating are free to enter the park, and do not need to be included in this number.

A minimum of 8 is required. Please increase the number of estimated participants to 8 or higher to continue.

Add Pizza

Pizza Based on Party Attendance
With this option, each person in attendance will be served two slices of pizza. We will adjust the number of servings based on how many people show up for the party (with a minimum of 8)

What type of pizza would you like to be served to your Guests?:

Whole Pizzas
We recommend placing your pizza order at the time of booking to ensure that it is served out in a timely manner on the day of your party. However, this order can also be adjusted on the day of the party.
Pepperoni $22.99 Each
16" XL
10 Slices
Cheese $19.99 Each
16" XL
10 Slices
½ Pep ½ Ch $22.99 Each
16" XL
10 Slices

Choose Your Drinks:

Each participating person in the party package will automatically receive one medium drink, served as a group and split evenly between up to 3 types of drinks. Choose up to 3 types of drinks:

Add Pitchers
$7.99 Each and $4.99 Per Refill

Dr. Pepper

Hi-C Pink Lemonade
Coke Zero
Barq's Root Beer

Sweet Tea
Unsweet Tea

Note: You may also alter the food or drink selections listed above on the day of the party when you check in to the park. The full kitchen menu will also be available to you on the day of the party if you wish to add other food items to your tab.


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